We have a large operating theatre with specialist lighting and sterile procedures to reduce the chance of infection. We also have wide range of surgical tools available which enable us to carry out most common procedures. 

During operations, all patients are cared for by an experienced Registered Veterinary Nurse working closely with the vet to ensure any sedation or anaesthetic is as safe and smooth as possible. Whilst anesthetised, your pet's heart rate, temperature and oxygen levels can be monitored using our modern multi-parameter machines enabling the team to respond early if anything changes.

For recovery, our kennels and cat rooms are equipped with mattresses or comfort bedding and extra heating where required. Pets are monitored closely by our team of nurses and nursing assistants until they are up and about again.

All the vets have the skills and experience to carry out routine surgery and we are also lucky to have one member of our veterinary team undertaking further study in this specialism and who is able to perform more complex procedures.